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  • Biomedica offers the FIRST fully validated VANIN-1 (urine) ELISA
    1 October, 2019
    Vanin-1 is a glycoprotein that is selectively expressed in renal tubular cells. Urinary Vanin-1 has as superior predictive value for drug induced AKI than KIM-1 or NGAL is a novel biomarker to detect and monitor the clinical course of obstructive nephropathy Related Literature & Findings: Urinary Vanin-1 As a Novel Biomarker for Early Detection of [...]
  • CE-mark for FGF23 (intact) human ELISA
    18 September, 2019
    Biomedica is proud to announce the launch of its CE-marked FGF23 (intact) human ELISA, cat# BI-20700 Features and Benefits RELIABLE & FULLY VALIDATED for plasma samples - according to ICH Q2 SERUM, URINE and CC SUPERNATANT are compatible with this ELISA FAST ONE-STEP ELISA - only 3.5 h total incubation time PLASMA BASED STANDARDS and CONTROLS INCLUDED [...]
  • FGF23 (intact) human ELISA as a featured product on Biocompare
    22 July, 2019
    The new intact FGF23 ELISA was mentioned in the most recent Biocompare newsletter as a featured product. Check out the drug discovery and development newsletter to learn more. FGF23 (intact) human ELISA  Features and Benefits  • RELIABLE and FULLY VALIDATED for plasma samples – according to ICH Q2 • SERUM, URINE and CC SUPERNATANT are compatible with [...]
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  • Biomedica @ ASN
    7 November, 2019
    Meet us during ASN Kidney Week taking place from November 5-10 2019 in Washington, DC at booth no. 2005 Hosted by the American Society of Nephrology it’s the world’s premier nephrology meeting with more than 13,000 kidney specialists from across the globe. It provides participants with exciting and challenging opportunities to exchange knowledge, learn about [...]
  • Biomedica @ ASMBR
    18 September, 2019
    Meet us at the ASBMR in Orlando at The Biomedica booth # 516 Our Posters: #SUN-103, #SUN-271, #MON-252 and #MON-331 Tje Bone Turnover Markers Working Group Room# W307B, Sept 20 at 7:30pm Diurnal Changes in Serum Levels of Bone-Related Circulating MicroRNAs. Oral presentation #1140, room# W314, Monday, Sept 23 from 2:15pm-2:30pm If you cannot make it to the ASBMR [...]
  • Biomedica @ ICCBH in Salzburg
    17 June, 2019
    Meet Biomedica Immunoassays at poster P95 “Detection of intact FGF23 using a novel well-characterized ELISA” to learn more about new FGF23 (intact) human ELISA and to discuss your research projects! Useful links: Scientific Program FGF23 (intact) human ELISA  
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