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  • Biomedica offers the FIRST fully validated VANIN-1 (urine) ELISA
    1 October, 2019
    Vanin-1 is a glycoprotein that is selectively expressed in renal tubular cells. Urinary Vanin-1 has as superior predictive value for drug induced AKI than KIM-1 or NGAL is a novel biomarker to detect and monitor the clinical course of obstructive nephropathy Related Literature & Findings: Urinary Vanin-1 As a Novel Biomarker for Early Detection of [...]
  • CE-mark for FGF23 (intact) human ELISA
    18 September, 2019
    Biomedica is proud to announce the launch of its CE-marked FGF23 (intact) human ELISA, cat# BI-20700 Features and Benefits RELIABLE & FULLY VALIDATED for plasma samples - according to ICH Q2 SERUM, URINE and CC SUPERNATANT are compatible with this ELISA FAST ONE-STEP ELISA - only 3.5 h total incubation time PLASMA BASED STANDARDS and CONTROLS INCLUDED [...]
  • FGF23 (intact) human ELISA as a featured product on Biocompare
    22 July, 2019
    The new intact FGF23 ELISA was mentioned in the most recent Biocompare newsletter as a featured product. Check out the drug discovery and development newsletter to learn more. FGF23 (intact) human ELISA  Features and Benefits  • RELIABLE and FULLY VALIDATED for plasma samples – according to ICH Q2 • SERUM, URINE and CC SUPERNATANT are compatible with [...]
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  • Biomedica @ ASMBR
    18 September, 2019
    Meet us at the ASBMR in Orlando at The Biomedica booth # 516 Our Posters: #SUN-103, #SUN-271, #MON-252 and #MON-331 Tje Bone Turnover Markers Working Group Room# W307B, Sept 20 at 7:30pm Diurnal Changes in Serum Levels of Bone-Related Circulating MicroRNAs. Oral presentation #1140, room# W314, Monday, Sept 23 from 2:15pm-2:30pm If you cannot make it to the ASBMR [...]
  • Biomedica @ ICCBH in Salzburg
    17 June, 2019
    Meet Biomedica Immunoassays at poster P95 “Detection of intact FGF23 using a novel well-characterized ELISA” to learn more about new FGF23 (intact) human ELISA and to discuss your research projects! Useful links: Scientific Program FGF23 (intact) human ELISA  
  • Biomedica @ ECTS Congress Budapest
    25 April, 2019
    May 11 – 14, 2019 Meet Biomedica Immunoassays at the ECTS Congress in Budapest - booth # 12 - to learn more about our soon to be launched new assay and to discuss your research projects!In addition to having a booth, we will present the following posters: Development and characterization of an extraction-free human CGRP [...]
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