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  • Sclerostin expression in trabecular bone is downregulated by osteoclasts
    27 January, 2021
    Biomedica's Sclerostin ELISA:   √ HIGH QUALITY – fully validated assay according to ICH/FDA/EMEA guidelines √ LOW SAMPLE VOLUME – only 20 µl sample / well √ EASY – convenient ready to use protocol  √ MOST REFERENCED   Also available: Bioactive Sclerostin ELISA √ specific antibodies targeting the receptor binging region    Complete ready to use ELISA kits for superior performance [...]
  • The infarction zone is the main source of NT-proANP after mycardial infarction
    26 January, 2021
    Myocardial infarction leads to a an increase in serum levels of ANP (Atrial natriuretic peptide). In a study with a myocardial infarction rat animal model, Zhang et al. showed that the increase in ANP occurs primarily due to an AGTR1/NF-κB mediated upregulation of the ANP gene transcription in the infarcted myocardium. This suggests that specifically [...]
  • The role of Neuropilin-1 in COVID-19
    26 January, 2021
    Mayi BS et al., PLoS Pathog; 2021, Jan 4;17(1):e1009153. Full text review Summary of the findings please click here Did you know? Total soluble Neuropilin-1 can easily be measured in serum, plasma and other biological fluids √ Only assay that measures free and ligand bound soluble NRP1 √ Low sample volume – only 10µl needed [...]
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  • Biomedica @ Osteologie 2020 in Salzburg
    17 February, 2020
    Meet us at the Osteologie 2020, hosted by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Endokrinologie and the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Knochen- und Mineralstoffwechsel, taking place from 12-14 March 2020 in Salzburg, Austria! We will exhibit together with our partners Fianostics & TAmiRNA at booth #1. Moreover,  we will present out new VEGF-A ELISA at our poster "Novel VEGF-A ELISA [...]
  • Biomedica @ ASN
    7 November, 2019
    Meet us during ASN Kidney Week taking place from November 5-10 2019 in Washington, DC at booth no. 2005 Hosted by the American Society of Nephrology it’s the world’s premier nephrology meeting with more than 13,000 kidney specialists from across the globe. It provides participants with exciting and challenging opportunities to exchange knowledge, learn about [...]
  • Biomedica @ ASMBR
    18 September, 2019
    Meet us at the ASBMR in Orlando at The Biomedica booth # 516 Our Posters: #SUN-103, #SUN-271, #MON-252 and #MON-331 Tje Bone Turnover Markers Working Group Room# W307B, Sept 20 at 7:30pm Diurnal Changes in Serum Levels of Bone-Related Circulating MicroRNAs. Oral presentation #1140, room# W314, Monday, Sept 23 from 2:15pm-2:30pm If you cannot make it to the ASBMR [...]
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