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Assay characteristics:

Cat.No.: SK-1204
Method: Sandwich ELISA, HRP/TMB, 12x8-well strips
Sample type:Serum and EDTA plasma
Standard range:0-640 pmol/l (5 serum based standards) 
Standard points:0/10/40/160/640 pmol/l
Control:2 serum based controls
Sample size:50 µl / well
Incubation time:3 h / 30 min
Unit conversion:1 pg/ml = 0.118 pmol/l (MW: 8.475 kDa)

LOD: 3 pmol/l (0 pmol/l + 3 SD)

Intra-assay (n=3) ≤ 3%, Inter-assay (n=8) ≤ 7%

The mean recovery of recombinant NT-proBNP in serum samples (n=4) is 104%, in EDTA plasma samples (n=4) is 94%.  

Dilution linearity:
Dilution linearity for serum samples (n=3) is between 79-86% for endogenous NT-proBNP (1-76) and 112-119% for recombinant NT-proBNP (1-76).
Dilution linearity for EDTA plasma samples (n=2) is between 83-84% for endogenous NT-proBNP (1-76) and 83-86%  for recombinant NT-proBNP (1-76).

Cross reactivity: 
The assay works with human samples only. 

Values from apparently healthy individuals:
Median (serum, n=70): 5.8 pmol/l.
Median (EDTA plasma, n=28): 5.6 pmol/l.
It is recommended to establish the normal range for each laboratory. 

Principle of the assay: 

Manual ELISAs - easily adaptable for automation! 

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SK-1204 NT-proBNP ELISA IFU CE version

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SK-1204 NT-proBNP ELISA Validation Data (S/R, dilution linearity, precision, ...).

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BNP is mainly expressed by ventricular myocardium in response to volume overload and increased filling pressure. BNP has a cleavable signal sequence. Mature BNP consists of 108 amino acids (proBNP or BNP-108), and undergoes cleavage resulting in physiologically active BNP-32 and additional C-terminal fragments (cf., along with a physiologically inactive N-terminal peptide comprising amino acids 1-76, which is further degraded proteolytically.

BNP has a key role in cardiovascular homeostasis with biological actions including natriuresis, diuresis, vasorelaxation, and inhibition of renin and aldosterone secretion. A high concentration of BNP in the bloodstream is indicative of heart failure. 

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