Biomedica Immunoassays

Analytical Testing Services


Biomedica offers a comprehensive testing service for all our proprietary ELISAs.

As an experienced ELISA assay developer and manufacturer in the heart of Europe, our staff contribute to every step in the making of our ELISAs, thereby gaining a unique understanding of the assays' performance. 

Using our analytical custom testing service, even customers without access to a fully equipped laboratory or skilled staff are able to obtain reliable results for their samples. 


√ High-quality services
√ Experienced, trained staff
√ Expert sample handling
√ Comprehensive results presented in an analytical report


√ Clinical studies
√ Pre-clinical studies
√ Custom applications


Additionally Biomedica offers testing services for Luminex, miRNA and glycomics application. 

Click links for Quotation Forms: 

ELISA Service
Luminex Service
microRNA Service
Glyco-profiling Service



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