Biomedica Immunoassays

Biomedica @ ASBMR 2018


Biomedica features bioactive Sclerostin ELISA and FGF23 ELISA 

Biomedica is happy to exhibit at the ASBMR Annual Meeting in Montreal, Canada, from Sept 28 – Oct 1, booth # 708. 

As a leading supplier of fully validated ELISA kits for clinical research of bone metabolism diseases Biomedica will present the new bioactive Sclerostin ELISA and some preliminary launch information on the mouse Periostin ELISA and intact FGF23 ELISA

Visit our team at Biomedica’s booth # 708 to discuss your research and learn more about Biomedica and its product offers. Click on the products for detailed product information on: 
bioactive Sclerostin ELISA
C-terminal FGF23 ELISA*
Periostin ELISA
soluble Semaphorin 4D ELISA
total soluble Neuropilin-1 ELISA
osteomiR - miRNA bone biomarker
*: not available in the USA

Meet us at the posters: 

- Serum Circulating MicroRNAs as a Novel Biomarker for Osteoporotic Vertebral Fractures [SUN-0718]  

- Validated and in-depth characterized sandwich ELISA for the quantification of mouse periostin [SUN-0865] 

- Circulating miRNAs are associated with higher tibial cortical porosity in postmenopausal osteoporotic women with history of osteoporotic fractures [LB SUN-1148]

- Sandwich Immunoassay for the Specific Detection of Circulating Bioactive Sclerostin in comparison with other Sclerostin ELISA [MON-0724] 

Meet Dr. Matthias Hackl from our partner TAmiRNA:

- Bone Turnover Marker Interest Group meeting [SUN 7:15pm, room 520 C]