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Quantitative determination of peroxides in biological fluids. - CE marked - for IVD use in EU.

Assay characteristics:

Cat.No.: BI-5007
Method: Colorimetric assay, 12x8-well strips
Sample type:Serum, EDTA plasma, biological fluids
Standard range:1-point calibration, 2 controls  
Sample size:10 µl / well
Incubation time:15 min

LOD: 7 µmol/l (0 µg/ml + 3 SD)

Intra-assay (n=12) ≤ 3%, Inter-assay (n=12) ≤ 5%

Values from apparently healthy individuals:
Median = 372 µmol /l (serum < 350 µmol/l, EDTA-plasma <400 µmol/l) 
It is recommended to establish the normal range for each laboratory.   

Principle of the assay:
The peroxide concentration is determined by reaction of the biological peroxides with peroxidase and a subsequent colour-reaction using TMB as substrate. After addition of a stop solution, the coloured liquid is measured photometrically at 450 nm.

A calibrator is used to calculate the concentration of circulating biological peroxides in the sample (one-point calibration). 

Manual ELISAs - easily adaptable for automation!