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Osteoprotegerin ELISA

Day test! - CE marked - for IVD use in EU.

Assay characteristics:

Cat.No.: BI-20403
Method: Sandwich ELISA, HRP/TMB, 12x8-well strips
Sample type:Serum, plasma (EDTA, heparin, citrate)
Standard range:0-20 pmol/l (6 serum based standards) 
Standard points:0/1.25/2.5/5/10/20 pmol/l
Control:1 serum based control
Sample size:20 µl / well
Incubation time:4 h / 1 h / 30 min
Unit conversion:1 pg/ml = 0.05 pmol/l (MW: 19.9 kDa)

LOD: 0.07 pmol/l (0 pmol/l + 3 SD); LLOQ: < 0.08 pmol/l

Intra-assay (n=5) ≤ 3%, Inter-assay (n=12) ≤ 5%

The mean recovery of recombinant OPG in serum and EDTA plasma is between 93-108%.
The mean recovery of recombinant OPG in heparin - and citrate plasma is between 82-109%.

Dilution linearity:
The dilution linearity of endogenous OPG in serum samples (n=3) is between 79-102%.
The dilution linearity of recombinant OPG in serum samples (n=8) is between 80-116%.

Cross reactivity: 
The assay does not cross react with rat or mouse samples. 

Values from apparently healthy individuals:
Median (serum, n=60): 2.7 pmol/l.  
It is recommended to establish the normal range for each laboratory. 

Principle of the assay: 

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