Biomedica Immunoassays


Glycan Profiling Services based on LecChip™ (Lectin microarrays). New technology complementary to mass spectrometry and HPLC.

Detection of Changes in Glycosylation Pattern
Supporting Quality Control Activities,
(Batch-to-Batch Variation)
Comparibility Testing of Biosimilars
Monitoring of Biologicals (e.g. Protein Drugs)
Host Cell Characterization
Glyco-Biomarker Discovery
Characterization of Stem Cells & Differentiated Cells
Advanced Histochemistry (e.g. Marker Definition)
Production Process Optimization (IPC testing)

Sample type:Purified and crude samples, e.g. cell/tissue extracts,
living cells, cell culture supernatants, serum, urine
Sensitivity:High sensitivity using low sample volumes

Testing service:

Profiling technology:

Glycan profiling service in ISO/GMP certified lab

GlycoStation™ Reader 1200 for your laboratory and in-house testing

Using a glass slide based Lectin Microarray (LecChip™), the binding to 45 different natural Lectins with unique binding properties for carbohydrates is tested.

Detailed information on the technology can also be found on the Glycotechnica website.