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Assay characteristics:

Cat.No.: BI-20492
Method: Sandwich ELISA, HRP/TMB, 12x8-well strips
Sample type:Serum, plasma (EDTA, heparin), urine protocol available
Standard range:0-240 pmol/l (6 serum based standards)
Standard points:0/15/30/60/120/240 pmol/l
Control:1 serum based control
Sample size:20 µl / well
Incubation time:Overnight / 1 h / 30 min
Unit conversion:1 pg/ml = 0.044 pmol/l (MW: 22.5 kDa)

LOD: 3.2 pmol/l (0 pmol/l + 3 SD); LLOQ: < 7.5 pmol/l

Intra-assay (n=8) ≤ 7%, Inter-assay (n=6) ≤ 10%

The mean recovery of recombinant Sclerostin in human serum samples (n=6) is 94%.

Dilution linearity:
Endogenous Sclerostin:
The mean dilution linearity of endogenous Sclerostin in human serum samples (n=4) is 110% for dilution factors 1+1, 1+3, 1+7.

Recombinant Sclerostin:
The mean dilution linearity for recombinant Sclerostin in human serum samples (n=3) is 98% for dilution factors 1+1, 1+3.

Cross reactivity: 
The assay does not detect Noggin.
The assay does not detect Wise (SOSTDC1).

Species cross reactivity:
Rat, mouse: The assay does not detect rat or mouse Sclerostin.
Primates: The sequence homology of human Sclerostin to various primate species is >95%. It is likely that the assay can be used for these species. Internal validations have not been carried out. However, data from other laboratories show positive results.

Serum  values from apparently healthy individuals:
Median (serum, n=411): 24.14. pmol/l. 
It is recommended to establish the normal range for each laboratory. 

Principle of the assay: 

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Canonical Wnt-signalling plays an important role in the regulation of bone homeostasis by promoting the development of osteoblasts. Negative regulators of the Wnt pathway are important new therapeutic targets for the treatment of diseases with enhanced bone resorption. One of these molecules is Sclerostin, a 22.5 kD secreted glycoprotein, which acts by binding to the Wnt-coreceptor LRP5 thus preventing the binding of Wnt molecules.

Sclerostin is nearly exclusively produced in osteocytes. Therefore it is considered a clinical marker which provides highest bone specificity.

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Sclerostin in Nephrology - Info Leaflet
Sclerostin in Aortic Valve Calcification, Renal Disease, and Diabetes
Sclerostin & Fracture
Association of Sclerostin & Physical Activity

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